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L-size Little Sister

La Corda d'Oro Completed

La Esperança Completed

La Satanica Completed

La Vie en Rose Completed

Ladies Vs Butlers

Lady Justice

Lady Masquerade Completed

Lady Mitsuko Completed

Lady!! Completed

Lagoon Engine

Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou

Lament of the Lamb Completed

Lamento dj - Metriam Completed

Lamento dj - Scraps Completed

Lamp no Ousama Completed

Lample Completed

Lan Chi

Land Escape Completed

Lapis Lazuli no Oukan Completed

Lasboss x Hero Completed

Last 10 Millimeters Completed

Last Continent Completed

Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing

Last Exile - Sunadokei no Tabibito Completed

Last Game

Last Inning

Last Notes Completed

Last Ranker -Be the Last One-

Last Target Completed


Laundry Completed

Law of Ueki Completed

Layers Completed

Layers Anarchy Completed

Le Masque Completed

Le Portrait de Petit Cossette Completed

Le Portrait de Petite Cosette

Le Theatre Completed

Le Vin Wine Burglar

Leave Completed

Lega no 13

Legend Hustle

Legend of Chun Hyang Completed

Legend of Lemnear Completed

Legend of Mana Completed

Legend of Nereid Completed

Legend of the Sun Knight

Legend of Tyr Completed

Lemon no Completed

Lemonade Completed

Leona Explosion Completed

Leopard Hakusho


Lesbian Solo!

Lessa Completed

lessa The Crimson Knight

Let Dai Completed

Let Me Gently Bind You Completed

Let's Get Married Completed

Let's Lagoon

Letter Bee Completed

Letters to the Sky Completed

Level E Completed

Leviathan Completed

Li Mu Completed

Lian Ai Makeup

Liar Game Completed

Liar Game - Roots of A Completed

Liar x Liar



Liberty Liberty! Completed

Libido Completed

Lien no Tou yori Completed

LIFE Completed

Life Ho

Life Howling

Life Is Money Completed

Life So Happy

Life, Love Completed

Lifetime of a Man

Like a Bird Completed

Like a Hero Completed

Like Doodling

Lilim Kiss Completed


Lilith's Cord

Lillia and Treize (Novel) Completed

Lily Completed


Lily Colored Lovers Completed

Lily Love

Lime Odyssey - The Chronicles of ORTA

Limit Completed

Limited Lovers Completed

Limited-time Friend Completed

Limiter Completed

Ling Bao Zhi

Lingerie Completed

Lingerie Logic Completed

Link - Boku to Kimi no Aida Completed

Links Completed

Lip Cream

Lip ni Shadow Completed

Lip Smoke Completed

Liselotte to Majo no Mori

Litchi Hikari Club Completed

Little Boy Completed

Little Brave Pukateriosu Completed

Little Butterfly Completed

Little Darling (KOUZUKI Matsuri) (Novel) Completed

Little Forest Completed

Little Jumper

Little Little Completed

Little Lovers (OKADA Haruki) Completed

Little Sugar’s Garden Completed

Little Witch's Diary Completed


Lives Completed

Living Game Completed

Living With One Leg


Lizards, Angels, and Daemons Completed

LLLL Completed

Lock On! Completed

Lock Out Completed

Lock Up Boy

Log Horizon

Log Horizon (Novel)

Log Horizon - Honey Moon Logs

Log Horizon - Nishikaze no Ryodan

Log Horizon - Nyanta Hanchou Shiawase no Recipe

Logick Completed

Lolicon Saga Completed

Lone Wolf 2100 Completed

Lone Wolf and Cub Completed

Lonely Soldier Completed

Lonely to Organdy

Lonely Wolf Lonely Sheep Completed

Lonesome Eden Completed

Long Vacation Completed

Looking for a Father Completed

Looking for Clotho


LooP Completed

Loose Leaf Completed

Loose Relation Between Wizard & Apprentice Completed

Lore no Mori Completed

Lose Control

Lost + Brain Completed

Lost Angel Completed

Lost Boys Completed

Lost Child Completed

Lost Girl Completed

Lost in London Completed

Lost Man

Lost Man (KUJI Shinnosuke) Completed

Lost Seven Completed

Lost Universe Completed

Lost World Completed

Lotus Eater Completed

Loulan Yi Meng

Love Laboratory Completed

Love & Action Completed

Love & Sex Completed

Love > Rush (Chi-ran)

Love All! Completed

Love Allergen Completed

Love and Baseball Completed

Love at First Sight Completed

Love at First Sight Season 2 Completed

Love Automation Completed

Love Berrish! Completed

Love Blog!! Completed

Love Buzz

Love Cafe?

Love Calendar Completed

Love Celeb Completed

Love Com Two Completed

Love Comedy no You ni Completed

Love Comedy Style Completed

Love Cruise Completed

Love Cubic Completed

Love Cure Completed

Love Death Completed

Love Delivery Completed

Love Diver Completed

Love Flag Girls!! Completed

Love Flicker Completed

Love Focus Completed

Love Gashapon Completed

Love Graduation Completed

Love Healing Completed

Love Hina Completed

Love Ho no Ojou-sama

Love Home Completed

Love Hunter Akazukin Completed

Love Hustler Completed

Love in the Mask Completed

Love Is Blind

Love Kids!! Completed

Love Kitchen Completed

Love Knife Completed

Love Knot Completed

Love Lesson Completed

Love Completed

Love Letter from a Shadow's Past Completed

Love Letter From... Completed

Love Letters from the World Completed

Love Life Completed

Love Like Crazy Completed

Love Live! - School Idol Project Completed

Love Live! dj - Dear Secrets Completed

Love Live! dj - No, 1 Completed

Love Live! dj - Prism Shoujo Completed

Love Live! dj - Yasashii Batsu Completed

Love Log Completed

Love Love - Kaporin no Yuuwaku Kiss 1 Completed

Love Luck Completed

Love Lucky Completed

Love Maniac Completed

Love Master A Completed

Love Material Completed

Love Me Baby (NOBORIO Yukie) Completed

Love Me Baby (SASAMURA Gou)

Love Me Thru the Night Completed

Love Me! (TAKEMIYA Jin) Completed

Love Mission @ Completed

Love Mode Completed

Love Monster Completed

Love Monster (MIO Junta) Completed

Love My Life Completed

Love Neko Completed

Love or Pride Completed

Love Pet Completed

Love Phantom

Love Pheromone No.5

Love Price!? Completed

Love Prism Completed

Love Prisoners Completed

Love Probation Witch

Love Rental Completed

Love Rerun

Love Roma Completed

Love Romance Sweet Kiss Completed

Love Round!! Completed

Love Rush!

Love Scar Completed

Love Seeker

Love Share Completed

Love Share (SHIIBA Nana) Completed

Love Sick Completed

Love Skit Completed

Love So Life

Love SOS Completed

Love Spiral (YANASE Ryo)

Love Stage!!

Love Stage!! & Renai Idenshi XX dj - 15th Anniversary Special

Love Stage!! dj - If Stage!! Completed

Love Stage!! dj - Ura Ver. Completed

Love Stalking! Completed

Love Story (NISHIDA Higashi) Completed

Love Survival Completed

Love Sweat Completed

Love Theory Completed

Love Times (Novel) Completed

Love Trial Completed

Love Vibes Completed

Love Wars Completed

Love Witch Completed

Love x Ero

Love You (Munyamunya Sue) Completed

Love You Only Completed

Love Yume Mix

Love Zipper Completed

Love-Letter of Flowers Completed

Loved Circus Completed

Loveholic - Renai Chuudoku Completed


Lovely Baby

Lovely Banchou Completed

Lovely Complex Completed

Lovely Complex Plus Completed

Lovely Everywhere Completed

Lovely Vampire Weddings Completed

Lovenista Completed

LovePlus: Kanojo no Kako Completed

LovePlus: Manaka Days

LovePlus: Nene Days

LovePlus: Rinko Days Completed

Lover Boy Completed

Lover's Kiss (ASAGIRI Yu) Completed

Lover's Position Completed

Lovers and Souls Completed

Lovers Come, Come!

Lovers Doll Completed

Lovers Flowers Completed

Lovers Only Completed

Lovesick (Maria) Completed

Lovey Dovey Completed

Lucid Dream Completed

Lucifer no Migite

Luck Stealer

Lucky Dog 1 Blast

Lucky Number 13 Completed

Lucky Star

Lucky Star dj - Lovely Star S5 Completed

Lucky Star: Pocket Travelers Completed

Lucky Wolf Completed

Lucu Lucu Completed

Ludwig Gensoukyoku Completed

Ludwig II Sei Completed

Ludwig Kakumei Completed

Lueduo Diren De Xin

Luger Code 1951 Completed

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Completed

Lunar: Vane Hikuusen Monogatari Completed

Lunar: Younenki no Owari Completed

Luno Completed

Lupin Sansei

Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies Completed

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