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V.B. Rose


Vahlia no Hanamuko Completed

Vairocana Completed

Valentine Lovers

Valentine's Magic Completed

Valkyria Engine

Valkyrie Agency

Valkyrie Profile Completed

Vamp! (Novel)

Vampire (KUSUNOKI Kei) Completed

Vampire Crisis Completed

Vampire Doll: Guilt-na-Zan Completed

Vampire Game Completed

Vampire Girl (TANAKA Minoru) Completed

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter Maira

Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives Completed

Vampire Knight Completed

Vampire Library

Vampire Master Dark Crimson Completed

Vampire Rose Completed

Vampire Savior - Tamashii no Mayoigo

Vampire Sphere

Vampire to Shinigami Completed

Vampire’s Portrait Completed

Vampires Completed

Vandemieru no Tsubasa Completed

Vandread Completed

Vanguard of Archer Completed

Vanilla Completed

Vanilla (KITAHATA Akeno) Completed

Vanilla Frosting Completed

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Resort Completed

Vanilla Spider

Vanilla Star Completed

Vanitas no Carte

Variante Completed

Varnish Completed

Vartrag Tale Completed


Vassalord dj - Gimmick Completed

Vector Ball

Veins Completed

Velvet Kiss Completed

Vengeance Completed

Venomania Kou no Kyouki Completed

Venus Capriccio Completed

Venus Kiss!! Completed

Venus ni Arazu Completed

Venus ni Seppun Completed

Venus Plus Completed

Venus Versus Virus Completed

Veranda ni Te Completed

Verdant Lord Completed

Veritas Completed



Vibration Life


Video Girl Ai Completed

Viehmannin wa Utau Completed

Vinland Saga

Violence Jack

Violence na Kimi ga Suki Completed

Virgin Blood - Hiiro no Bansan Completed

Virgin Hotel

Virgin na Kankei Completed

Virgin Night (YOSHIKI Aya) Completed

Virgin Wars Completed

Virgins' Empire

Visitor Completed

Vita Arcana Completed

Vitamin (SUENOBU Keiko) Completed

Viva Love You

Vivid Cherry Completed

Vividred Operation dj - Heat Completed

Vividred Operation dj - Vividred Hot Chilipeppers Completed

Vocaloid dj - On Your Mark Completed

Vocaloid dj - Shounen Shoujo - Koi no Uta Completed

Voice or Noise

Voiceful Completed

Void Completed

Void (ZARIYA Ranmaru)

Void's Enigmatic Mansion

Voyeurs, Inc.

VS Goshujin-sama Completed

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