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So yeah... any feedback you can post here or create a new post to express it :)
By Moobu - November 2, 2016
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Thank you for always coming back... and I do mean always. I love manga and since I live in an isolated place my only access most of the times is online. You guys are the best!
Thank You for coming back!!! Much love!
Do we still have new volumes uploaded for the latest manga like shokugeki no soma or fairy tail, etc.? Just asking 'coz I don't normally download by chapters due to I don't have enough time for checking where did I stop reading. Anyway, this is still an awesome place for manga readers throughout the world.
First of all I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work in creating such a directory of Manga. My only issue with this site at the moment is that I'm slightly having difficulty in navigating how to view/ read manga from the directory/ explore section online, rather than an automatic download. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate any future assistance.
just passing through ........

thank you for the hard works for those that manage mangatraders, good to see it back again.. welp.. i prefer the web layout like this ex: "page 1, 2, 3..", rather i have to keep click "show more".. just my opinion.. good luck guys.. once again thank you so much.. (`-´)> *Salute..
I am very uncomfortable with the Facebook comment plugin. Especially as it links to my personal Facebook rather than keeping to my username and image. I find it especially strange when I haven't linked it to Facebook. Please change this.
Otherwise, I am very happy with the new site, I am sure it will grow even greater than the old one version.
Download links for bulk don't work for Naruto series >~<
I like the old layout better. It was easier to navigate with and was more pleasing to the eye. :) Hope a new layout comes out or the old one could come back please!!
Well, I appreciate your work MT, with everything you did, still , I have this little thing that bug me in this new MT2, the layout, somehow i'm not comfortable with this new layout, if you could return the old layout I would appreciate it, I'm a developer and I understand how hard it is, or maybe tweaking this layout a bit. thnx
Could you put back the Sort by Recently Added feature in Explore? I like to read completed scanslations only, and its impossible to sort through the ones I've already read/passed over without that Sort option.
Still getting used to the new layout. Not really too crazy about it, if I'm being honest. I really still miss the old layout from like 4 years ago, the old old MT. I was used to the layout from the previous version, and was ok with it. I guess I just have to get used to this layout?

For what I'm paying ($0 / ever) I can't cry too much.

I'm just still really really happy to have a MangaTraders to download free manga from. Whatever the reasons for the new site (change from .org to .biz) and new layout, I'll just continue to be very happy and grateful for the free manga.

I never bothered to create a shortcut to the anime streaming sister site and can't remember where it is. My bad! What's the web address?
First of all, I would like to say thank you for creating mangatraders again :). I would like to request for additional option in the explore/search manga. In the old site before MT, there is an option of "sort by rating/popularity/ranking". Please, can you create that option again? I believe it can help some reader in searching the manga. Thank you :)
I don't know if this is the right place to post, but can you do something about the ads when browsing from phones/tablets? They are so intrusive that i can't even load a single page without the ads covering the entire page. Even posting this comment takes a lot of effort to close all those ads.
i been checking MT availability every moth and almost got heart attack when the page shown on my screen. I could not be more happy than i am right now. GJ admin and hope your archive collection back to be like the old time.
Thanks a lot for your come back guys and I hope you'll stay there for good :)
haha I got lost for a moment there I thought it was another site. Didn't know where to log-in either, or if it accepted my password since there was no "welcome, username" or whatever after I logged on. I had to check if it was my subscriptions on there or I was back to square one.

Anyhoo, thanks that the chapter downloads are back. <3 I'm not complaining since everything is free and we could always do the "whole chapter" thing in online reading but, what kept me loyal to MT all these years (um, decade?) was the chapter downloads and subscriptions. And the manga recs... ^^
why'd this place change?
Glad to find the site back, I found it some time back but all my spare change was
going to Bernie, Nancy and a lot of Senators that did not get re-elected,
Now all that fuss is over and I came back to re-register.
Used to make a few remarks as Hana Winter but returning as bliss***
bliss is how I sign my stuff on Usenet where I post as often as I have
anything to say in various Linux and a few other newsgroups.
Like rec.arts.manga and rec.arts.anime.misc.

is the old MT.org working, as in the uploaders still upload to the site? cos the Latest Vol section is currently not available in this new site.