Chapter Download Update
Okay... I guess I can't please everyone so this is my final attempt.
If you have problem downloading zip files, go to then select "Multiple Images Files" under "Chapter Download"
Keep in mind chapter download only supports web browsers on desktop, NOT mobile/tablet.
If it still doesn't work for you, I'm sorry there's nothing else I can do.
By Moobu - November 9, 2016
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hi your site is amazing i just have a request :) can you please update the yaoi mangas? some of them have new chapters and there are some new released manga :D btw is there a way for us to upload manga?i have a bunch of manga i like to share with people
weirdly, download works fine for me on chrome but doesn't work with firefox (I always have empty rar)...
not working, old site is better.
Thank you ^_^
Some DL don't work either Zip or Multiple Image Files option. Try Hayate x Blade Ch 91, Sidekicks Ch 71, Zettai Karen Children Ch 458, none of them work (it might DL but the size is 0kb)
...Well, as opposed to my first post the zip downloads didn't work for a different manga but using the same method I could still get the files via "Multiple Images Files." I'm not sure what the differences in these are but for anybodies reference I was able to get the zip files for Break Blade. To Love-Ru darkness I had to use the multiple image files selection.
Hello! I just wanted to mention this if it can help anybody else. I'm using Chrome and if I'm on the page that shows all the chapters when I click the download cloud icon it might work once in a while. I saw another post about downloading directly from the chapter itself and decided to give that a try. So far, it's worked every time. I haven't changed any of my settings on my browser either. Just clicked the chapter to go to the online reading section and clicked the download in the upper right hand area. Hope this helps!
nope not working, tried in safari, chrome and fire fox, nada.
Changed to ''multiple images files'' and on a desktop, duh...I dunno what you guys did but I can't download anything. Guess I gotta do it the only fashioned way.
Kangoku Gakuen chapters 229-233 are 100k files. Seeing that all chapters are listed with a nov 2017 date that all of them are affected. Probably work better if there was a specific report or issue button per series. So far in my backlog this is the only one to have any issues.
So, tell us, how exactly would anyone have gotten to that settings page without you telling them where it was? Are you guys aware that there are no links anywhere on the site leading to it?
request update for manga Kuhime
It will be good if you sent a new announcement explaining what the "chapter download" button does actually. Seems to me that it starts counting for nearly 20 seconds, then gives the file to download. But after downloading..say..10 chapters consecutively, you can't download more files for a much longer period. Am I following correctly?
still not working perfectly. I download via PC and got html instead of zip files
huh T.T
thanks so much for making this an option! sometimes the zip files don't work for me so this is very convenient.
I tried "Multiple Image Files" and I still can't download single chapters. Also I'm on a laptop.
Tx Moobu, you were faster with it as i wanted to suggest that to you. Works perfectly fine. Huge Thumb up.