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Chapter download is still a bit buggy. We're working on it now.
By Moobu - November 5, 2016
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monster musume can't be download for some reasons, i mean at chapter download, admin what going on ??. sorry my engglish really bad
how to download volume i am not able to understand
how to download volume i am not able to understand
@wildleech wat browser are you using?
the download button take me instantly to the chapter last page, with no further effect.
I'm using Chrome and the chapter downloads I've done seemed to work perfectly. I haven't checked the actual files to see if the pages are in order though. You can download chapters by clicking "Read Online Available" and clicking the cloud beside the chapter, or by clicking the chapter name and clicking "Download" on the upper right corner of the page. Hope this helps!
Chapter download not working for me. I've tried latest Safari and Firefox.
chapter download is working for me, but the content is not insequence with the filename..
Now my only experience on download chapters have been Akame ga Kill ch 76 and Berserk 334-347. Akame ga Kill chapter was perfect, but on berserk the one chapter download would be like 2kb or download from 334-347 with 334-341 + 345 being the size of 0 bytes while the rest would come out fine. (This happens when i click between 334-347 it is the same result) I know that you are working on this problem so just consider the chapter downloads of berserk a problem files to look into. On a final note Thank you for all your hard work on getting the chapter downloads backup.
@SePetus should be fixed now
Chapter download sometimes downloads 2 chapters in one.
Volume downloads works fine but chapter downloads doesn't work for me
How to download from mobile? I have trouble accessing from my laptop due to crappy WiFi. Or at least, could you provide a "desktop version" button, since the mobile version seems inadequate.
@minja79 I guess not :/ I don't have safari so i couldn't test on it
Chapter download doesn't seem to work when your browser is Safari? It's fine on Chrome though.
For the most part, downloads seem to work perfectly.

So far, my only problem has been with Shokugeki no Soma 185. Is there some place where people can report problem chapters?
T_T how do I download new uploads by chapters??? new MT doesn't seem to have the "list by chapters" option like before haaaaalppp
why can't I seem to download individual chapters? volumes work but chapter download doesn't! someone help
Make sure you download on your PC, not phone or tablet. Also, some chapters take a while to download.
how to download manga by chapter? I am not able to do that since this morning